AMR series is the duoblock with flame register carbon steel General Bruciatori burners Family. AMR burners series are compliant with EU safety rules (CE Standards) and build according to EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.  AMR is designed to fits the installation standards on most of hot water, steam, diathermic oil boilers and others application. Thanks to the flame register it is possible to adapt the flame shape in accordance with the boiler combustion chamber.


kg/h: 1265-6661
kW: 15000-79000

Combustioni Head

High quality and heat resistant steel for best wear and heat resistance.
Dedicated flame disk design, depending on the fuel that is burned, in order to grant the optimal turbulence and perfect combustion values.
Nozzle opening through electromagnet to prevent oil leakage from nozzle during starting and stop.
Low NOx blast pipe design (on demand)
Direct spark ignition by electrodes. Igntion by means of pilot flame in case of air and/or steam atomization

Main application

GB-ML series is designed to operate with different kinds of standard fuels, such as gas, diesel, heavy oil or dual fuel system. On demand, it is possible to operate with special fuels, such as bio-gas, ethanol and many others.
GB-ML burners fit installation standards on most of hot water, steam, diathermic oil boilers.
Suitable also for installations on kilns. Thanks to their design, GB-ML burners can be easily installed on all existing plants on retrofit base.

Burner Body

Made of casted aluminium, it is able to maximise the strength of the burner and reduce its weight for easy handling and installation.
Electropump diesel group installed on board of the burnere complete with hoses and oil regulating valve.
High ventilation performances thanks to its reverse blade fan design.
Soundproof air suction installed as standard
Free from plastic components.
Ideal for heavy duty applications

Available configuration - On Demand

EM Version with electronic control box and modulating system.
O2% and CO Control system available on electronic modulating burners
Frequency converter operation
Separate or on board control panel
Explosion proof execution (according to ATEX regulations)
Complete customization

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(X*) The shown values refer to standard execution. In case different dimensions are required please contact our sales offices for evaluation
(F) Quota refer to gas and dual fuel models and is specified at order confirmation.
All shown quata values are mm and are indicative only. Please always refer to our technical and salses department